This device has a special touch: a wave that highlights the cameras and the fingerprint reader on the side.
The Moto G200 is th
e smartphone you need to enjoy the best of technology.
Production Company: Signia Studios
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Storyboard
To launch the Moto G200, it was necessary to create teaser videos to provoke curiosity around the new models. With a new and powerful camera, the visual differential of the device is in the lens deck. It has a wave shape.

The videos have a touch of mystery, gradually revealing the details. An idea that helped highlight the differential was to create an animated wave forming the deck.​​​​​​​
Client: Motorola
Production Company: Signia Studios
Cretive Direction, Art Director, Storyboard: Marcos Schnaider
Lookdev: Francisco Deucher Junior
Animation + Light + Render: Wallace Santos
Compositing + Sound Design: Gabriel Venginoski
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