Embraco / Nidec
Think ahead

I am thrilled to unveil the culmination of my collaborative efforts with Exit agency for Embraco! 
Crafted using Blender 3D, this image serves as a visual testament to how the product pioneers the future, seamlessly melding lightness and technology at its core. By presenting compressors in an avant-garde manner, this composition encapsulates Embraco's visionary outlook.

This project entailed a series of meticulous processes to achieve the final result. Through an extensive array of tests and experiments, I dedicated myself to continuous refinement, exploring various aspects that contributed to the visual quality of the composition.

The process involved a thorough lighting setup, carefully adjusted to highlight the essential details of the scene. Exploring blur was a key element, implementing different intensities and techniques to enhance the desired atmosphere.

Materials played a crucial role, with significant variations in blur intensities and types of reflection. Each choice was deliberate, aiming not only for visual aesthetics but also for the accurate and innovative representation of compressors.​​​​​​​ This refinement process involved the careful combination of visual elements, from precise blur adjustments to the strategic choice of materials, resulting in a composition that not only meets but surpasses expectations. A true journey of creativity and technique that culminated in this unique project.

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